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Description AVENT (SCF885/01) Double boiler blender

Simple preparation of useful childrens dishes

are necessary for the child For healthy development rich and useful dishes. Thanks to the Philips Avent device for preparation of baby food you will be able easily to cook tasty house dishes for your kid.

Unique technology of preparation of useful dishes on couple

For preparation of useful dishes is the best of all to use steam. Thanks to our unique technology of circulation of couples rises from below up therefore there is no need to cook ingredients for their uniform processing. Useful substances, texture and juice of products are saved for further mixing.

One jug for all stages — from preparation on couple before crushing

at you near at hand will be Now all necessary for preparation of rich and useful childrens dishes. After processing of ingredients on couple raise a jug, invert it and record in this situation for crushing of products to the necessary consistence.

Preparation of dishes at all stages — from puree to dishes with pieces

Carefully crush fruit and vegetables or combine different ingredients, such as meat, fish and leguminous cultures, for dishes with more dense texture. The device for preparation of 4 in 1 baby food allows to cook dishes for any stage of a feeding up.

Preparation on couple, crushing, the defrosting and a warming up of house dishes

Device for preparation of useful baby food "4 in 1" allows to cook for

houses rich dishes for children with use only of one jug. You can feed the kid at once or shift mix in the enclosed container later to warm it by means of convenient function of a warming up or a defrosting.

Tasty childrens recipes from doctor Emma Williams

In cooperation with the pediatrician-nutritionist Emma Williams we picked up recipes for preparation of tasty and fresh childrens dishes. You will find useful tips on introduction of a feeding up and the interesting ideas for drawing up the menu. Impart to the kid useful habits since early years for its healthy development.

Preparation up to four portions for once thanks to a jug with a capacity of 1000 ml

Device for preparation of 4 in 1 baby food helps to save valuable time and to cook dishes for several days ahead. Thanks to a jug with a capacity of 1000 ml it is possible to cook to 4 portions dishes for once. Cook one dish and you store the remained three portions in the fridge or the freezer.

Jug and a knife can be washed with

in the dishwasher. The convenient tank for water

Device for useful baby food "4 in 1" has a number of useful functions. The jug and an edge can be washed in the dishwasher, and thanks to an open design of the device you will be able easily and quickly to clean and fill the tank for water that provides the maximum gigiyenichnost in preparation time.

Recipes of useful dishes, amusing videos, councils and recommendations

Load the application and get useful tips on introduction of a feeding up. Nutritious and simple recipes for all stages of development of the kid. Look through step-by-step instructions for preparation, watch amusing and informative videos and find a set of useful tips and recommendations which will help to simplify introduction of a feeding up considerably.

Sound notifications

does not need to wait and monitor preparation. When the dish is ready, the device gives a sound signal. Just invert a jug and mix products. Now the dish is ready — give it on a table or remove on storage.

Characteristic AVENT (SCF885/01) Double boiler blender

Article: SCF885/01
  • Type Double boiler blenders
  • Floor Unisex
  • Age group, month 6+
  • Material Plasticity
  • Type Double boiler blenders
  • Floor Unisex
  • Age group, month 6+
  • Material Plasticity
  • Volume, ml 1000, 720
  • Complete set Container for storage, a blade
  • Colour White
  • Colour (main) White
  • In addition 1st class of safety
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AVENT (SCF885/01) double boiler blender

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