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  • Aromatizer Cognac Henesy concentrate 250ml for 50 liters.

Concentrate for making cognac

"Cognac Henesy"

This drink is characterized by the taste, aroma and color of the traditional seven-year-old Henesy cognac.

Cognac has an exciting aroma with prevailing notes of vanilla and oak, a light nuance of berries, followed by delicate shades of hazelnut and flowers


Concentrate color: dark brown

Finished drink color: brown, cognac

Smell and taste: elite cognac

Does not reduce fortress

Bottle of 50 ml for 10 liters of ready-made drink

250 ml bottle for 50 liters of ready-made drink

500 ml bottle for 100 liters of finished drink


Flavoring components (natural or and / natural)

Improving bonifiers

Natural extracts of oak and others

Cooking method:

Shake / mix the bottle with the concentrate thoroughly

Pour the concentrate into an empty, clean container

Pour the alcohol base into a container with a concentrate (optionally diluted alcohol, moonshine, vodka,)

Stir / shake the container with the drink

We infuse the drink for 4-5 days (you can not insist, but it is recommended to improve the organoleptic qualities of the drink)

Shake thoroughly and filter the drink through cheesecloth or a fine filter.


Important! To prevent clouding of the drink, you must first add the concentrate, and then the alcohol base. It is recommended to add the alcohol base in a thin stream along the side of the container.

Be sure to filter the finished drink, because the concentrate contains natural ingredients and bonifiers, which can lead to precipitation.

Store the concentrate in a cool and dark place with a tightly screwed cap in the original bottle.

The components for this concentrate are made in Germany. Supplied in 30-50 kg original manufacturers canisters. The components are mixed and poured into small containers in an automatic way. Delivery of goods to our warehouse 1-2 times a month. Actual expiration dates and the best German quality!

Reviews Aromatizer Cognac Henesy concentrate 250ml for 50 liters.

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Aromatizer Cognac Henesy concentrate 250ml for 50 liters.

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