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Costume student, schoolgirl (Erotic lingerie).  Erotic underwear is able, like nothing else, to decorate, liberate and emphasize the sexuality of every woman. With the help of such a "wrapper" you can remain for a long time the imagination and desire of your man!

Laws of seduction

1. Seduction of appearance

Yes Yes. This is the first and the main law. It's no secret that a man loves his eyes. Nature provides that men like girls, weaker than him. So he feels more courageous. Well, unless you can deny him this?)

Each girl is characterized by elegance and femininity, and if this is not only emphasize, but also highlight, then no man will be able to resist!

Depending on the degree of your emancipation, you can pick out the outfits in which you will feel Nefertiti, and your man will burn with the desire to touch the goddess of love).

2. Seduction with words

Men love with their ears. Whisper in the ear of indecency or tenderness. You can also use win-win phrases that will emphasize sexuality, wit, and personality. And you can also use flattery and compliments, for example: "When you come close to me, my breath", or "Your shiver runs through your body ..."  

3. Ideal environment

Muffled light, the necessary music and caresses of its erogenous zones will do their job. BUT! Do not always want romance ... Do not be afraid to be bolder, release your hunter to the will and demonstrate how passionate and insatiable you can be. Again, the correct erotic linen will display your mood.

The size is universal S / M (42/44/46).

Suitable for the volume of the hips is 90-97 cm, the volume of the breast is 85-92 cm.

The top will fit on the chest 1-2 sizes.

The set includes a skirt, top, tie.

The skirt is fastened to the snake.

Care of clothes: only hand wash.

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Erotic costume student, schoolgirl (Erotic lingerie)

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Tags: Erotic costume student, schoolgirl (Erotic lingerie)

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