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Adult cats and cats rather often have problems with digestion and also allergic reactions to certain products. For this reason correctly picked up forage in which there will be no allergens is necessary for such animals. Natural ingredients without impurity of chemical additives are a part of this forage that guarantees great saturability and good taste which will surely be to the taste to your pet. This balanced food consisting of 28% of proteins and 16% of fats. Seafood cocktail: a saury, a pollock, a mackerel, anchovies, a herring, a capelin, a trout which is a part of a forage, is rich in iodine, phosphorus, fatty acids an omega-3 and an omega-6, and consists of several species of sea fish. Wholegrain rice and oat flakes will provide to the pupil of receipt of necessary amount of food fibers, promoting long saturation, are capable to improve work of digestive tract of Sterns is enriched with specially picked up vegetable components which positively influence digestive system of cats and have immunomodulatory properties. The amaranth, a thistle, a flax is a part of a forage, contain silimarin — the powerful gepatoprotektor and antioxidant protecting cells of a liver from free radicals, promoting its regeneration, preventing development of inflammatory processes and improving metabolism.

This forage thanks to the unique compounding has huge amount of advantages, it is possible to carry to the most important of them:

  • Sterns can brag of a high-energy proteinaceous diet which completely satisfies an animal organism, and provides it necessary amount of nutrients.

  • It is enriched with vitamins C, E, D and A and also manganese, iron, biotin, selenium, zinc and iodine that gives a guarantee of ideal appearance of an animal and strengthening of his immunity.

  • part of a forage tuarin that is the vital amino acid which is responsible for the healthy cardiovascular system and sight of an animal.

  • Grass, being a part of dry mixes, help to lower irritation of intestines of a cat.

  • Convenient dosage, granules of the small size and also the detailed instruction on food for an animal specified on packing

  • Chondroitin and collagen is responsible
  • for growth of an animal and also is a certain construction material for creation of healthy cartilaginous tissue. The high content of phosphorus and potassium is responsible for a healthy condition of bones and teeth of an animal.

  • forage of a super premium class with addition of herbs and high-quality meat which repeatedly passed numerous researches and conforms to the European quality standards of food of animals.

sea fish — 28% (the dehydrated white sea fish — 18%: saury, pollock, mackerel, anchovies, herring, capelin; a fresh trout — 10%), flour of a salmon — 12%, the dehydrated meat of a rabbit — 10%, rice wholegrain, fish broth, fat indyushiny, oat flakes, an extract from skin and cartilages of sea fish (source of collagen and chondroitin), a fresh integral shrimp (glycosamine source), chick-pea (yellow Turkish peas), vegetable food fibers, flour of Crustacea, AMROL phytoformula (amaranth, a thistle, a flax), fat of a salmon the vitamin E (Omega-3, the Omega-6) saturated with tocopherol, premix vitamin, premix mineral, Sezam oil (linen, sesame, a thistle, hemp), a dried root of chicory (inulin source), amino acids: DL methionine, a L-lysine, a L-carnitine, taurine, seaweed (laminaria), a camomile medicinal — 0.05%, leaves of mint lemon — 0.05%, fennel seeds — 0.04%, ekhinatseya — 0.03%, a cover of berries of a dogrose — 0.03%, a sage — 0.01%, Schidigers yucca — 0.01%, ginger — 0.01%, rosemary extract — 0.01%, a thyme — 0.01%, termoks.

Analytical structure:
crude protein — 28%, crude fats — 16%, crude cellulose — 2.8%, crude ashes — 6.2%, humidity ≤ 10%.

Mineral and vitamin complex:
ME vitamin A — 25000, D3 vitamin — 900 ME, vitamin E — 600 mg, vitamin C — 460 mg it is well-cared chloride — 2100 mg, biotin — 1.8 mg, B1 vitamin — 4 mg, B2 vitamin — 2.4 mg, B3 vitamin — 15 mg, B5 vitamin — 27 mg, B6 vitamin — 8 mg, B9 folic acid — 0.7 mg, B12 vitamin — 0.18 mg, zinc — 160 mg, iron — 70 mg, manganese — 50 mg, iodine — 3.5 mg, copper — 15 mg, selenium — 0.2 mg, potassium — 0.7%, the Omega-3 fatty acids — 0.8%, the Omega-6 fatty acids — 2.6%, taurine — 2100 mg/kg, calcium — 1.2%, phosphorus — 1%.

Recommendation about feeding: Accustom an animal to a dry feed of Home Food gradually. The specified day norm is approximate: the exact quantity should be defined according to requirements, age, the level of activity, weather conditions and special needs of an animal. The animal always has to have a bowl with fresh, clear water. To store in the dry cool place. Always close packing after each feeding.
Norm of feeding are specified on packing of a forage.

Weight of a cat, kg Standard daily rate of a forage,
2-3 20-48
3-4 45-59
4-5 55-70
5-6 68-82
6-7 80-92
7-8 84-98
more than 8 90-128

* the Information on ingredients and nutriyentny structure of a forage, norms of feeding on the website is reference. All information on a product is provided directly on packing.

Packing : 400 g, 1.6 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg.
Producer : Home Food, TOV "IS VIGOROUS", Ukraine

For whom sterns?For catsClassSuper premiumForm of release of a forageDry feedAge of a catAdult catMain source of proteins in a sternSeafoodSpecial needs in foodAllergies
Age of a cat Adult cat
For whom sterns? For cats
Forage class Super premium
Form of release of a forage Dry feed
Special needs in food Allergies
The main source of proteins in a stern Seafood

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Home Food the Dry feed "Seafood cocktail" for adult cats with an allergy

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