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  • Food plastic barrels  Volume, l: 127


Overall dimensions (∅ * V), mm: 492 x 810

Volume, l: 127

Appointment: For water

Weight, kg: 3.25

Material: PE

Standard color: Blue

Number of wagons, pcs .: 405

Diameter of the neck, mm .: 390

Scope of the barrel of 127 liters: food products, household chemicals, acids, alkalis, poisons, glues, technical oils and lubricants, paints and varnishes, pharmaceuticals, plant protection products, mastics, detergents, alcohols, etc. In an effort to buy a barrel of 127 liters, you initially embark on the right path, getting comfortable storage in a vertical form. The material used in the production eliminates the slightest effect on the quality characteristics of the stored products, allowing the use of a barrel for drinking water and any other liquids.

Plastic barrels with a lid - a light industrial container for universal storage, neutral to direct contact with non-aggressive solutions, providing absolute tightness of the stored product during its transportation. Industrial technology by blow molding allows you to get seamless plastic barrels for water to the cottage with a uniformly smooth shape around the perimeter and decent characteristics that do not have weak spots under mechanical stress.

Exceptional tightness of the barrels is achieved by attaching the rubber seal of the removable cover with a protective clamp made of galvanized metal, and sealing with a special cotter pin reliably protects against unauthorized opening. The large filler neck provides convenient packaging and reverse unloading of both bulk, liquid and pasty products.

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Food plastic barrels Volume, l: 127

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