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Developers of a fishing line LE Stealth almost completely excluded its visibility for fish, at the same time the fisher distinctly can monitor conducting of a bait, thanks to brightly orange color of a fishing line. How it? The fact is that the fishing line is divided into sites: orange (8 m) – just for show the fisher, transparent (2 m) for attachment of a bait. Between these two sites there is a short dark green site under the name "Stealth" which in turn reduces reflection of an orange piece in water and adds to a fishing line effect of a camouflage. The fishing line has low "memory", high durability, and extraordinary smooth that will allow the fisher to make distant throwings. Characteristics: Dlina, m: 100 Diameter, mm: 0. 148 Diameter, #: 0. 8 Explosive loading, kg: 2

Reviews Fishing line of Sunline Troutist Area LE Stealth 100m #08/0.148mm 2 kg

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Fishing line of Sunline Troutist Area LE Stealth 100m #08/0.148mm 2 kg

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