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The updated version of the budgetary universal high-quality fishing line of Siglon V has a three-layer covering polymeric pitch by a new method that considerably improves its working qualities – softness, durability, extensibility, wear resistance and reduces moisture absorption This fishing line it is possible to use with identical success for various methods of both summer, and winter fishing of the Grove is issued in unwindings of 30, 100 and 150 m, at the same time unwindings of 30 and 100 m are delivered in convenient blocks po10 the reels connected among themselves High quality, a wide range of diameters, the democratic price does to Siglon of V one of the best offers on a ratio price/quality in the market

Reviews Fishing line of Sunline Siglon V of 30 m #12/0.185мм 3.5 kg

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Fishing line of Sunline Siglon V of 30 m #12/0.185мм 3.5 kg

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