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What needs to be bought for a ground rybalkichtoba to hook large fish, it is possible to throw once a rod and to hope for luck. But where the best result will be brought by demonstration of skill and the correct tackles. If you went for ground fish, then you need a feeding fishing-rod. Golden Catch Bionic Feeder 3.90 m long just concerns them. It is created especially for ground catching by heavy baits. The rod of Bionic Feeder is made of carbon fiber. The handle is made of EVA and a stopper. Form of folding: transport length is 138 cm. Has 6 throughput rings which are suitable both for a fishing line, and for a cord. In a set there are 3 kvivertip. For convenience of a top have a different coloring. A feeding fishing-rod of GC Bionic Feeder – a great choice for the fisherman confident in the forces. Characteristics: Dlina: 3. 9 mkolen: 3+3B collecting: 138 smves: 275 gkasting: 120 gmateriat: graphite

Reviews Feeding fishing-rod of Golden Catch Bionic Feeder of 3.90 m 120 g (2039182)

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Feeding fishing-rod of Golden Catch Bionic Feeder of 3.90 m 120 g (2039182)

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