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The equipment float Lineaeffe Fluorocarbon is qualitative equipment for the real fans of fishing. The equipment is manufactured on the highest norms and standards and will not bring you even in the most peak situations. Flyuorokarbonovy groves are generally intended for flood material. At the expense of the index of refraction of light of a flyuorokarbonovy covering of a fishing line it is almost equal to the index of refraction of light in water, this type of fishing lines becomes noticeable almost for fish in water. The fishing line is made according to progressive technological standards of durable material. Has high resistance to influence of ultraviolet and the aggressive chemical compounds which are contained in water. Characteristics: Shipment: 3 gdiametr main fishing line: 0. 32 mmdiametr lead: 0. 18 mmkryuchok (No.): 8 Of Dlina: 7 m

Reviews Equipment float Lineaeffe Fluorocarbon Gialla (hook No. 8)

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Equipment float Lineaeffe Fluorocarbon Gialla (hook No. 8)

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