Discounts and gift certificates


ASUSHIT.SOM Discount is only valid if you place two goods, you pay the full bag of two goods, immediately after the dispatch within 1 to 2 days you will be transferred to funds in your account that have been saved at the expense of prices.

The discount will be available in any case only if you place the two products the exact amount that will be returned to you at the expense of prices can not be calculated because it depends on many factors such as the weight of the parcel, the number of products in the country which will be sent parcel.

We value our customers so soon to be introduced a system of gift certificates that you can purchase and present it as a gift. The certificate will allow the person who owns it to buy all sorts of products on the site ASUSHIT.COM on cumu which is incorporated in the voucher.

Gift certificates

Gift certificate in the form of a plastic card - is the advance payment, which allows you to get the goods, an amount equivalent to its face value.

The benefits of gift certificates

By purchasing a gift, you still run the risk to make a mistake in taste, the details are not disclosed what that person desires that you want to bring joy. Of course, your attention will be highly appreciated, but the pleasure of the gift itself is incomplete, and this in fact is the meaning of a gift - to delight and benefit. Presenting the certificate, you can be 100% sure - because people with a certificate will be able to choose exactly what they need.

Advantages of certificates of purchase in our store

Do not spray on a large amount of text, just dry numbers - more than 75,000 items of goods that are in stock at the time of this writing. The number fluctuates depending on the state of our seasonal stock and growing exponentially due to the opening of new areas - musical instruments, - CAR - sports nutrition - modern house and everything you need. Just go back to the main page and once again look closely at the sections.

Having defined the nominal value of the certificate, just design it the order by phone or via the Internet, and save your valuable time. All certificates you purchase at face value equal to their value in retail. validity of the certificate on the reverse of a plastic card.

to corporative clients

With the help of our certificates you can make gifts to any number of employees and business partners, including those located in other cities of Ukraine. Broadest product line and price range submitted to our products to suit every taste and wealth. There is a large range of denominations and categories of certificates.




Terms of Use Gift Certificate (the "Certificate"):

1. A gift certificate is a certificate in bearer (not a name), and any natural person who submitted the certificate can be purchased with the help of the goods offered by Rosette. The certificate will not cover goods of other sellers.

In the case of a certificate of loss, including theft, the certificate can not be restored, and the money can not be returned due to lack of personification of the person who owned the certificate before the loss.

2. When you pay the order with a certificate is required to enter it at the stage of registration and inform the manager in the order confirmation. Certificate must be presented and handed over to the company to pay for goods.

3. The validity of the Certificate is limited and is 6 months from the date of issue.

4. Using the certificate can only buy. When making a purchase certificate denomination written off entirely. If the purchase price is less than the face value of the certificate, the difference between the cost will not be refunded.

5. When you return goods purchased using a certificate, a refund is carried out on a new certificate of a similar rating.

6. You can not buy goods using a gift certificate if the purchase price exceeds its face value.

7. The certificate can not be used to obtain cash.

8. Pay for goods by using the certificate may only be natural persons. Legal entities may not be partially or fully pay for the purchase of goods certificates.

9. The acquirer shall keep a check on the certificate of purchase to confirm the nominal card in case of damage or other disputes.