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Absolutely new development in family of QUICK coils from the German company DAM. It is designed in Germany and it is made from the best materials. This series consists of a set of coils beginning from ultalaytovy and finishing with coils for heavy the Irish jig, a feeder and catching of som. Enough powerful to resist to the largest trophies. Thinly adjusted front friction clutch will allow you to come out the winner in a fight with fish of a dream. DAM QUICK 4 coils are issued in standard sizes from 1000 to 9000. Features: 6 of the closed ball-bearing from corrosion-proof stali1 the roller bearing (overrunning clutch) - an instant stopper of the return hodavysokokachestvenny rukoyatkaanodirovanny aluminum the shpulyagrafitovy case and the rotorfriktsionny mechanism with high-precision a nastroykoyglavny shaft from stalinadezhny a driving mekhanizmkharakteristika: Spaciousness (m/mm): 280/0.25tiporazmer: 3000 Ves (): 259 Of Friktsion: peredniykol-in bearings: 6+1shpulya: 1 AlDop. spool: netperedatochny number: 5.2:1

Reviews DAM QUICK coil 4 3000FD (60852)

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DAM QUICK coil 4 3000FD (60852)

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