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  • Cyprinid fishing-rod of Libao Carp Hunter New of 3.50lb 3.90 m (2020146)

Libao: destroying stereotipyv our consciousness the word "Chinese" often is associated with something low-quality. But the Chinese producer of fishing tackles and accessories of Libao defeats a habitual stereotype utterly. Rods of the company differ in interesting design solutions, high quality of materials and durability of products. A series of cyprinid fishing-rods from Libao won popularity among fans of "silent hunting". To a successful rybalkikarpovoa the fishing-rod of Carp Hunter New deserves main "tricks" attention fishermen thanks to several key moments: the form of a rod is made of graphite. This material provides good depreciation that will help to catch heavy big fishes without special load of a hand. Besides, graphite - very strong. It is pledge of long service Carp Hunter New; rings according to the SіC system on all length of a fishing-rod prolong fishing line service life. These devices help not to get confused even to the beginner and also it is easy to operate fishing process; the fast system of a fishing-rod helps to throw easily even the most heavy loads on considerable distances; balancing of the form is thought over to details and worked out throughout long tests; the Carp Hunter New handle from the material "EVA" which is pleasant to skin even in the most hard frosts and does not slide even during the strongest heat. Among main characteristic of a cyprinid fishing-rod also minimum weight for such rods - only 300-400 g. Dlina of this model - 3-4 m, in folded form - up to 1.5 m. The fishing-rod is equipped by a strong qualitative katushkoderzhatel which guarantees long service. The winter comes to an end, the spring gains steam. Fish wakes up under ice, and coast of the rivers "become covered" by fishermen. You will favourably differ on their background if buy Carp Hunter New on GRENKA. ua. Characteristics: Type: KarpovoeDlina: 3. 90 mstry: Fast (fast) Casting: 3. 50 lbmaterial of the form: grafitkolets: SiC, diameter of 50 mmkachestvenny katushkoderzhatelgabarita (assembled): 136 cm

Reviews Cyprinid fishing-rod of Libao Carp Hunter New of 3.50lb 3.90 m (2020146)

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Cyprinid fishing-rod of Libao Carp Hunter New of 3.50lb 3.90 m (2020146)

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