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Description Crossbar Smart Home YLI Electronic YB-500A(LED) lock

Electrocrossbar Yli Electronic YB-500A (LED) lock – the device for locking of doors, is carried out by the sliding crossbar (metal rod) entering a response part. Is controlled with the help of power supply. Without power it is open.
Is intended for internal installation both in a door box (frame), and at a door. Is suitable for metal, plastic, metalplastic, wooden, glass and fire-prevention doors. When using a special fixing level the installation on frameless glass, on the door opening in both parties is possible.

Lock is used by

in control systems of access, security and firefighters, we will combine with code keyboards, readers, radio controllers, output buttons, with audio- and video on-door speakerphones of all types or other SKD devices.

Functional features

  1. LED indication;
  2. Guaranteed resource of 500000 operations;
  3. delay Timer on 0/3/6/9 sec. (is switched by jumpers);
  4. Installation type: cut-in;
  5. Sils
  6. deduction: 1000 kg;
  7. delay Timer: 0 / 3 / 6 / 9 sec.;
  8. Door is automatically closed by
  9. if it was not open within 5 seconds;
  10. Outputs: NO/COM;
  11. for
  12. Without power it is open;
  13. lock level Material: aluminum;
  14. Power: 12 V of a direct current, consumption 960 mA (starting); 180 mA (standby mode).

Characteristic Crossbar Smart Home YLI Electronic YB-500A(LED) lock

Article: YB-500ALED
  • Management through local access
  • Type Crossbar lock
  • Management through local access
  • case Material Metal
  • Sizes 90х25х2
  • Operating temperature range from -35 °C to +60 °C
  • Working humidity up to 90%
  • Guarantee, month
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Crossbar Smart Home YLI Electronic YB-500A(LED) lock

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