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- are intended to Ceymar BF (which abbreviation in the name can be deciphered as BaitFeeder) for application in feeding catching and also other ground options. Coils are allocated with original appearance with stylish design and execution in black color (with several inserts of red). The mechanism with use of the patented elliptic transfer is located in the graphite casing, and all design (depending on a certain model. For increase in smoothness of the course are established 2+1 bearing, and specially balanced rotor from graphite (RES II) reduces vibration at rotation of this knot. Ceymar BF is completed with two spools: the main LCS from the anodized aluminum and spare plastic. The special aluminum spool for fast descent of a fishing line; The multidisk brake system with the oiled felt washers; 3 ball bearings; Roller bearing of a system of an instant anti-reverse; Fine-molded brass gears; Corrosion resistant graphite casing; The Easy convenient handle from plastic ABS; High-precision transmission gear of an elliptic form; The Fine-molded spool from the anodized aluminum; Powerful and strong aluminum handle of a lesoukladyvatel; Computer system of balancing of the RESII rotor; The LCS Spool for increase in range of throwing; The Additional spool from graphite. Characteristics: Model: Coil Ceymar BFTip: FidernayaTiporazmer: 4000 Number of bearings 2+1: Friktsion: Front + back + beytranerperedatochny number: 4. 5:1ves: 403lesoyemkost: 0. 30/325

Reviews Coil inertialess Okuma Ceymar BF CMBF-355 2+1bb inc. Ex. Graphite spool (13531465)

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Coil inertialess Okuma Ceymar BF CMBF-355 2+1bb inc. Ex. Graphite spool (13531465)

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