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The Brain Scout coil is a power, reliable and inexpensive model for use with powerful fishing-rods for ground catching where quite often it is necessary to use heavy installations and equipments. Its high traction effort is caused by the lowered transfer number that significantly facilitates catching at big speed with heavy scales. The S-shaped coulisse as one of the simplest and reliable options is the cornerstone of the mechanism of the drive. The easy and soft course is provided by 8 ball-bearings, and the roller bearing is responsible for an instant stopper of a back run. The scout is equipped with the technological low-profile spool from aluminum. Thanks to its simplification by means of perforation, it was succeeded to achieve weight reduction and reduction of load of a coil rod. A clip for fixing of a fishing line metal, sprung. For the maximum protection of a fishing line or a wicker under it laying from plastic is in addition established. A frictional brake on felt washers which assume very thin control of brake effort that is important for catching of large fish with thin leads. The metal Brain Scout handle is screwed in in the leading gear wheel. It not only significantly reduces side plays in this knot, but also prolongs life to the coil that cannot be told about the classical scheme of fixing by the screw. Characteristics: Brand (coils): BrainRazmer: 5000 Transfer number: 4. 7:1tip brakes: peredniyves, gr.: 380 Number of bearings: 8+1

Reviews Brain Scout 5000S 8+1BB 4.7:1 (18584160) coil

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Brain Scout 5000S 8+1BB 4.7:1 (18584160) coil

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