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The Brain Phantom Match/Bolo coil high-speed model with the low-profile spool which is developed for float fishing by match and Bologna rods. The raised transfer number allows to exhaust quickly the equipment, and the small spool is ideally adapted for work with the thin groves applied to these types of catching. The coil has the black opaque strong graphite material casing which is a good alternative between the weight and rigidity of a design. The facilitated rotor, from the same material, has computer balancing therefore its rotation happens evenly – without beats and vibrations. The internal mechanism contains 9 ball-bearings and 1 roller, responsible for a stopper of a back run. The aluminum spool is equipped with the metal sprung clip which does not damage and does not peredavlivat a fishing line. In the coil one of the most reliable systems of fastening of the handle when it is screwed in directly in an axis of the leading gear wheel is applied. As Material for its production aluminum served, and knob it is made of nice on the touch material – EVA. The Brain Phantom Match/Bolo coil is issued in four most popular sizes, each of which will find the application on a specialized float fishing-rod, depending on its length and conditions of catching. Osoyennosti: specialized model for float catching; the increased transfer number for a high-speed vymatyvaniye of the equipment; 9 ball-bearings and 1 roller; strong graphite casing; the facilitated rotor with computer balancing; aluminum low-profile spool; the metal sprung clip; the fine-molded metal handle which is screwing in in an axis of the leading gear wheel; convenient knob from the material EVA. Characteristics: Producer: BrainModel: Coil Phantom Match/Bolo ReelTip: MatchevayaTiporazmer: 2000 Number of bearings: 9+1friktsion: PeredniyPeredatochnoe number: 6. 2:1ruchka coils: Left (LH), Right (RH) Weight: 260lesoyemkost: Nylon 0. 20-80/0. 18-100/0. 16-130tip handles: OdinarnayaZapasnyy spool: NetStrana is a producer: KitayStrana of origin: Ukraine

Reviews Brain Phantom Match/Bolo 2000 9+1BB 6.2:1 (1858.42.50) coil

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Brain Phantom Match/Bolo 2000 9+1BB 6.2:1 (1858.42.50) coil

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