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The Brain Classic coil is the budgetary model for feeding, and in certain cases and for spinning fishing. It possesses the increased traction effort that will help to cope with a vymatyvaniye of the heavy equipment or with a vyvazhivaniye of large fish. The internal mechanism contains 4 ball-bearings – two on an axis of the leading gear wheel, one on conducted and one more in a roller of a lesoukladyvatel thanks to what his service life lasts. The spool of the coil has the deep profile allowing to contain a sufficient stock of a fishing line or a cord. It is made of aluminum, its front side has the slanted form for providing a free departure of the equipment. The round brass clip established on the spool has the sprung design and is equipped with a plastic lining thanks to what will not damage a cord during fixing of a distance of catching in feeding fishing. In the coil the most reliable system of fastening of the handle is realized – it is screwed in directly in an axis of the leading gear wheel, excepting formation of side plays in this knot. The Brain Classic coil is issued in four sizes where 3000 and 4000 can be established on pikerny and easy feeding fishing-rods or powerful spinnings, and 5000 and 6000 will be suitable for heavy feeders with the test to 180 grams. Osoyennosti: inexpensive model for feeding or spinning the snastimoshchny mechanism for work with heavy equipments; 4 ball-bearings and 1 roller; the metal spool with a round brass clip; a smooth frictional brake for work with thin groves; the fine-molded metal handle which is screwed in in an axis of the leading gear wheel. Characteristics: Producer: BrainModel: Coil Classic ReelTip: Spinning, FidernayaTiporazmer: 3000 Number of bearings: 4+1friktsion: PeredniyPeredatochnoe number: 5. 0:1ruchka coils: Left (LH), Right (RH) Weight: 255lesoyemkost: Nylon 0. 20-230/0. 25-150/0. 28-120tip handles: OdinarnayaZapasnyy spool: NetDiametr of the spool, mm: 45 Country producer: KitayStrana of origin: Ukraine

Reviews Brain Classic 3000 4+1BB 5.0:1 (1858.42.55) coil

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Brain Classic 3000 4+1BB 5.0:1 (1858.42.55) coil

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