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Not expensive coil with a beytranner and the metal spool. Models of 3000 and 4000 in size will be suitable for an easy and average feeder, the coil of 5000 and 6000 in size for a heva of a feeder and catching of a carp. The coil has the smooth, easy course thanks to six ball-bearings and a kulisny design of the feeder of the spool. 1 roller bearing (overrunning clutch) provides an instant stopper of a back run. At the coil average transfer number 5.1:1 that is a reasonable compromise between traction characteristics and quantity of a fishing line which the coil exhausts for 1 turn of the handle. The universal coil for catching of all species of peace fish with an excellent ratio price/quality. inexpensive model with a beytranner; 6 ball-bearings and 1 roller; strong graphite casing; the facilitated rotor; the metal spool with the round sprung clip; metal fine-molded handle; a roller of a lesoukladyvatel of the increased diameter with the ball-bearing; the additional graphite spool in a set. Characteristics: Transfer number: 5. 1:1emkost mm/m spools: 0.22/260; 0.25/200; 0.30/140ves coils 327grkol-in bearings, BB+RB - 6+1

Reviews Brain Apex Double Baitrunner 3000 6+1BB 5.1:1 (18584167) coil

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Brain Apex Double Baitrunner 3000 6+1BB 5.1:1 (18584167) coil

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