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The Brain Apex 20 coil’ – model of 2020 for feeding fishing in which all wishes of fishers arising to the previous generation Arekh-ov are considered. The novelty became more powerful and hardy, it is not necessary to make considerable efforts to the handle during pulling of a feeding trough now. Gear wheels of the increased diameter with transfer number 4. 7:1 or 5. 0:1 (depending on the coil size) create sufficient traction effort for work with heavy equipments. So, it is recommended to use coils at a rate of 3000 and 4000 complete with pikerny and easy feeding fishing-rods, and 5000 and 6000 - with heavy feeders. The internal mechanism turns on 5 ball-bearings - on two on the leader and the conducted gear wheel and one in a roller of a lesoukladyvatel. Such design significantly prolongs coil life without emergence of side plays, excepting need to carry out corrective maintenance of the mechanism. The aluminum Brain Apex 20 spool’ is equipped with a round brass clip with a plastic substrate therefore the fisher can safely fix a distance of catching and not be afraid that the cord will be damaged on it. One more improvement of the coil – the fine-molded metal handle which is screwed in directly in the main couple that considerably reduces formation of side plays over time. The Brain Apex 20 coil’ – a good alternative for those fishers who look for the inexpensive and hardy coil for ground catching of white fish. the updated model for feeding fishing; high traction effort for work with heavy equipments; 5 ball-bearings and 1 roller; the metal spool with a round brass clip; a smooth frictional brake for work with thin groves; the fine-molded metal handle which is screwed in in an axis of the leading gear wheel. Characteristics: Model: Coil Apex 20 ReelTip: FidernayaTiporazmer: 3000 Number of bearings: 5+1friktsion: PeredniyPeredatochnoe number: 5. 0:1ruchka coils: Left (LH), Right (RH) Weight: 255lesoyemkost: Nylon 0. 20-230/0. 25-150/0. 28-120tip handles: OdinarnayaZapasnyy spool: NetDiametr of the spool, mm: 45 Country producer: KitayStrana of origin: Ukraine

Reviews Brain Apex 20 3000 5+1BB 5.0:1 (1858.42.51) coil

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Brain Apex 20 3000 5+1BB 5.0:1 (1858.42.51) coil

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