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ideal polnoratsionny forage of Adult Cat Lamb&Rice for cats who prefer gentle taste of a lamb was developed by the BonaCibo company. The dry feed of the superior quality is easily acquired by an organism and is made with use of innovative technology of preparation. Low-calorie meat of a lamb in combination with rice has attractive taste which by all means will be pleasant to animals. This product in the best way cares for digestive system of cats and is intended for feeding of the adult animal all breeds choosy to food with a sensitive stomach. The structure is enriched a complex of vitamins, minerals and minerals which support metabolism and provide an organism with energy during the whole day. In general, BonaCibo forage positively affects immunity of your favourite and guarantees it good health.


  • Amazing taste of a forage
  • Pomogayets
  • reduce risk of formation of uric stones thanks to the balanced and optimum level of minerals
  • Contains the balanced ratio of proteins and fats that your cat could live long life, have a healthy metabolism and support ideal body weight
  • Structure is enriched the Omega-6 and the Omega-3 with fatty acids for maintenance of healthy structure of skin and gloss of wool
  • Fine storage of a forage thanks to existence of a ziper on packing

Structure: Dried-up meat of a lamb (27%), the hydrolyzed meat of a lamb (22%), rice baldo (16%), a maize, the purified chicken fat, flour from anchovies, krill flour, the dried-up beer yeast, the hydrolyzed chicken liver, fat from anchovies, nucleotides of a barmy protein, minerals, prebiotics mannan-oligosaccharides, seaweed, yucca extract, cranberry powder, psilium.

Guaranteed analysis:
Protein - 36%
Fat - 16%
Ashes - 8%
Cellulose - 2.5%
Omega-6 - 3.7%
Omega-3 - 0.75%

Nutritional supplements:
A 25.000 Vitamin Folic acid of 2.67 mg/kg
D3 1.500 ME/kg
Vitamin Niatsin of 50 mg/kg
Vitamin E of 150 mg/kg
Biotin of 0.28 mg/kg
K3 0,36 Vitamin of mg/kg
Copper (sulfate) of 18 mg/kg
Vitamin C of 25 mg/kg
Zinc (sulfate) of 95 mg/kg
B1 14,94 Vitamin of mg/kg
Zinc (chelate) of 20 mg/kg
B2 12,36 Vitamin of mg/kg
Manganese (sulfate) of 30 mg/kg
B6 13,36 Vitamin of mg/kg
Selenium (selenit) of 0.3 mg/kg
B12 0,08 Vitamin of mg/kg
Taurine of 2.200 mg/kg
Pantothenic acid of 14.98 mg/kg

Recommended norms of feeding:

Weight of a cat, kg Quantity of a forage, gram/day
1.5 - 2.5 20 - 30
2.5 - 4.5 30 - 50
4.5 - 6.5 50 - 70

Packing: 100 g, 2 kg, 5 kg
Producer: BonaCibo, Çağatay Evcil Hayvan Mamaları ve Yem Ürünleri San. and Tic. A.S. (Kagatai Evqil Haiwang Mamalari ve Yem Yurunleri Sang. To Va Thicke. To IT. EU), Turkey

For whom sterns?For catsClassSuper premiumForm of release of a forageDry feedAge of a catAdult catMain source of proteins in a sternLambSpecial needs in foodAllergies
Choosy to food
Sensitive stomach
Age of a cat Adult cat
For whom sterns? For cats
Forage class Super premium
Form of release of a forage Dry feed
Special needs in food Allergies Choosy to a dining the Sensitive stomach
The main source of proteins in a stern Lamb

Reviews BonaCibo Adult Cat Lamb&Rice - A dry feed with meat of a lamb and rice for adult cats of all breeds with sensitive digestion

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BonaCibo Adult Cat Lamb&Rice - A dry feed with meat of a lamb and rice for adult cats of all breeds with sensitive digestion

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