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We decided to undertake your experiences for delivery of a fishing-rod. GRENKA free of charge completes and packs all "sticks" into a shipping tube when sending! The form is made of high-modular TC4 graphite. Professionally sproektirovannya the rod heavy-duty also possesses tough action. The fishing-rod is ideal for fishing on the rivers and lakes. Without rings. Characteristics: fishing-rod type: bolonskoyedlina, m: The 6th quantity - in: 6v collecting, cm: The 129th weight: The 193rd casting: chuvstvitelnostyyumateriat a rigid fishing-rod from high: graphite

Reviews Bologna fishing-rod of Tica Expert of boneless 6.00 m (2500026)

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Bologna fishing-rod of Tica Expert of boneless 6.00 m (2500026)

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