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The Lineaeffe company won the European popularity thanks to magnificent equipment of production. The company turns out the fishing products conforming to modern requirements. Lineaeffe fishing-rod - the great choice, both for the beginning fishers, and for advanced. It has attractive modern design and will please you with high quality of assembly and components and also reliability and durability of a design. Characteristics: Fishing-rod type: lodochnoyekonstruktion: shtekernayamaks. casting: 150 gkolets: estsektion: 2 pieces / removable ruchkadlina working: 240 smdlin of put: 160 smmateriat fishing-rods: kompozitnoyemateriat handles: foam (EVA) Ves: 350 g

Reviews Boat fishing-rod of Lineaeffe Super Hikaru of 2.4 m (2241524)

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Boat fishing-rod of Lineaeffe Super Hikaru of 2.4 m (2241524)

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