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  • Beaphar Care Plus Chinchilla Chinchilla Food

Beaphar Care Plus Chinchilla Korm for chinchillas the Full-fledged extruded forage for chinchillas of CARE+ has the high content of crude cellulose of 20% and low content of fat. Each granule has identical structure ("all-water") that is important for the balanced food and prevention of selective eating without the rest. Special firm granules provide natural grinding of teeth (Dental Care). Soderzhit: extract of green tea for stimulation and support of the immune system ekhinatseyu to a spirulin vitamin E Jukka Schidigeru minerals in a chelate form for the best assimilation and availability of FOS (fruktooligosakharida) and MOS (mannanoligosakharida) for maintenance of healthy intestinal flora Omega-3/6 fatty acids date editing the description: 22.09.2021

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Beaphar Care Plus Chinchilla Chinchilla Food

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