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Description Auldey Drone Force Drone the transforming researcher of Morph-Zilla (YW858180)

Universal drone 2 in 1 on radio control, is easily transformed from air to land model! Manage the drone in air, change its configuration - and it will continue the movement already on the earth without any restrictions. Control of the fantastic drone is exercised by means of the controller.

Management intuitive and stable. An easy exoskeleton, strong and durable, the design is safe, and blades are protected. Take it on execution of an important mission and for protection against enemies. The transforming drone is suitable for use in the room and on the street.

Feature of the drone:
Drone has function of auto-take-off and auto-landing. The maximum flying range - 45 m. One clicking of the button - and the flying drone quickly is transformed to land model, moving on small wheels.

Complete set: Drone is delivered to
in a bright signature box. Together with it you will find in set the accumulator, 4 replaceable propellers, an USB cable, 2.4 GHz the controller and the instruction.

completely to charge the drone, needs 90 minutes. Intuitive and simple management. It is possible to use in the room or on the street in windless weather.


  • Recommended age: 8+.
  • Power of the panel: batteries 3xAAA.
  • Frequency of the panel is 2.4 GHz.
  • Power of model: accumulator.
  • Docking station/charger: USB cable.

Sizes: 13.5 x 13.5 x 35.5 cm

Characteristic Auldey Drone Force Drone transforming researcher of Morph-Zilla (YW858180)

Article: YW858180
  • Colour Yellow, Black
  • Maximum flying range, m 45
  • Type quadcopter
  • Colour Yellow, Black
  • Colour (main) Yellow
  • Maximum flying range, 45
  • Time of charging, mines 90
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Reviews Auldey Drone Force drone transforming researcher of Morph-Zilla (YW858180)

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Auldey Drone Force drone transforming researcher of Morph-Zilla (YW858180)

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