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AnimAll Cat litter Blue valley silica gel is the dried-up gel of polysilicon acid (SiO2) which chemically consists of the same connection, as usual sand, but is a high-porous body therefore has the huge surface area (800 m ²/1 g). Thanks to this property, silica gel has the unique absorbing (absorbing) ability. Moisture and a smell disappear in AnimAll silica gel instantly, but filler never turns into viscous weight and does not stick to cats paws, so, is not carried on the house.

AnimAll Silica gel is dried perfectly up by

that it is possible to determine by transparency of its crystals. It allows it to absorb the maximum quantity of liquid.

Advantage of use of filler:
natural absorbent (this filler for 98% consists of quartz sand that does it absolutely eco-friendly and harmless);
high absorbency;
lack of an unpleasant smell and bacteria (for only a few seconds stops growth of bacteria, does air clean and fresh);
- the pH level = 8-9 (this level promotes the solution of the problems connected with a smell due to slowing down of process of decomposition of urea in ammonium);
lack of dust;
- does not stick to paws and wool;
- with a dobaleniye of color granules.

Characteristic :
silica gel of the Granule of white color with additional granules of blue
color Available packing: 3.8 l; 7.6 l

Producer : AnimAll, AnimAll International GmbH (the country of registration of a brand - Germany, the country of placement of production capacities - China)

Species of an animalCatsType of fillerSilica gelType of fillerAbsorbingCategory of goodsFillers for cats toiletsBegan to smellWithout aromaFeature of fillerControl of a smell

Reviews AnimAll (EnimAll) Cat litter Blue valley - Filler silica gel the Blue valley for a cats toilet

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AnimAll (EnimAll) Cat litter Blue valley - Filler silica gel the Blue valley for a cat's toilet

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