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The holder angular under 90 degrees. It is intended for a cage or any adaptation with a carving, the size — length of 41 cm width of 10 cm fastens to a chair. Dlina of a pipe from fastening-28 see. Under diameter of a pipe of 25 mm. Quick-detachable possibility of removal. Turn of 360 degrees. Quick-detachable function of fastening is also provided, there is no need to remove completely a set from a chair, it is rather simple to turn off and remove a pipe, and fastening will always be on a chair. The holder is calculated on pipes with a diameter of 25 mm and above, a possibility of fastening and on the smaller diameter of pipes, but it is necessary to enclose in addition an elastic band. A standard carving under combs. Characteristics: Material: metal; Colour: black; Diameter: 25 mm and above; Size: 41kh10sm

Reviews Angular holder of Ranger of 28 cm (RA 8837)

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Angular holder of Ranger of 28 cm (RA 8837)

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