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  • Almo Nature (Almo Natyur) Daily Menu Cat - A tinned forage Mousse with a duck for cats
High-quality damp forage suitable for adult cats of all breeds. Soderzhit quality ingredients, completely natural forage, does not contain artificial preservatives, aromas or dyes.

All Almo Nature canned food have high tastes and will satisfy inquiries and tastes of the most exacting moustached gourmets. This most delicate mousse is made of pieces of a duck who was prepared in natural broth and only then, is processed to a condition of mousse. Such special manufacturing techniques help to keep the most natural smell and taste which very much attracts cats.

Advantage: sight and health of heart, thanks to the taurine which is a part Helps to keep
  • .
  • does not contain amplifiers of taste and a smell, harmful preservatives, it is safe for animals.
  • Has high tastes, it is pleasant to cats.
  • Diet is balanced by
  • and is well acquired.
  • Soderzhits
  • necessary vitamins.
Structure : meat and its derivatives (duck of 4%) minerals, extract of vegetable fibers.
Nutritional supplements (on kg): A1110ME vitamins, D3 140 mg, E 10 mg, taurine of 490 mg, copper sulfate pentahydrate of 4.4 mg (CU of 1.1 mg). Technological additive: gum of a cassia of 3 g
Guaranteed analysis: proteins of 9.5%, cellulose of 0.4%, fats of 6%, ashes of 2%, moisture of 81%.

Recommendation about feeding:
Almo Nature is an additional adult cat food.
Daily portion for a healthy adult cat weighing about 4 kg: 110 g of damp food + a dry feed (according to the recommended norms of feeding).
Animal has to have continuous access to clear

drinking water Packing
: 85 g
Proizvaditel : Almo Nature, Almo Nature S.p.A., Italy For whom sterns?For catsClassSuper premiumForm of release of a forageTinned forageAge of a catAdult catMain source of proteins in a sternDuck
Meat and a meat offalVida of packingCan
Age of a cat Adult cat
For whom sterns? For cats
Forage class Super premium
Form of release of a forage Tinned forage
The main source of proteins in a stern Duck Meat and meat offal
Types of packing Can

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Almo Nature (Almo Natyur) Daily Menu Cat - A tinned forage Mousse with a duck for cats

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