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What are Alfa Man drops?

The product is widely used due to its natural composition. Erectile function is restored in a natural way. The tool strengthens the body of a man as a whole and prolongs sexual intercourse. The formula of drops is based on the recipe of tribute Indians, who were famous for their sexual activity even in old age.

German experts improved the formula by creating Alfa Man drops to improve potency. The drug also helps prevent genital diseases.


Alpha men drops are safe for the body due to its natural composition. Their main advantage lies in the duration of the effect. This is not a pill for one day. Use Alfa Man drops to strengthen the male body, the normalization of hormonal levels.

Lack of misfires in bed.

Natural composition.

Does not affect the cardiovascular system.

Lack of addiction.

Easy to digest.

Suitable regardless of age.

Increases libido and endurance.

Easy to use.

Provides a bright orgasm.

It has a unique shape.

Drops can save marriage, refresh long-term relationships with new emotions. The product is saturated with vitamins, improving mens health in general.

Features of the drug

The product contains many trace elements and vitamins. Eliminates the symptoms of sexual impotence and is a prophylactic.

The drug has no analogues. In comparison with "" and generics, Alfa Man has a number of differences:

the absence of sildenafil;

herbal composition increases endurance not for a day, but for several months, improving the condition of a man’s body;

no negative effects and contraindications.

Indications for use

Vitamin supplement is recommended in such cases:

sluggish erection;

signs of sexual dysfunction;

short sexual intercourse;

decrease in sexual desire;

problems with ejaculation;

lack of energy.


Drops for potency are effective due to their composition:

Glycine - improves the work of the central nervous system, increases resistance to stress, relieves fatigue, sharpens the mind. Component neutralizes one of the main factors of failure in sex - psychological. Thus, the drug increases the self-esteem of men and self-confidence. Sexual intercourse is filled with a new spectrum of emotions.

Ginseng - relieves inflammation, normalizes the urogenital system, improves the condition of the prostate. Cavernous bodies fill with blood faster due to the ability of the drug to accelerate blood. The component is used for the prevention of age-related diseases.

Eurecoma root is considered a natural aphrodisiac. It is through this component that alpha mens provide a stone erection. Sperm quality is improving. The component increases the level of testosterone, which increases libido. Sensuality sharpens, providing a more powerful orgasm. Endurance during intercourse increases.

L-arginine is a source of energy and masculine strength. The component normalizes hormones, improves mood and well-being, neutralizes stress.

Each of the components in combination with others ensures the effectiveness of the drug, as evidenced by Alfa Man reviews.


Drip 3-5 drops on the tongue. Enjoy the prelude. In 5-7 minutes, start sex and get ready for a double orgasm !!!

After completing the course, problems with erection can be forgotten for a long time!

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Alfa Man - Drops to increase potency

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