Affiliate program - ASUSHIT.COM

Our online store "ASUSHIT.COM" offers you an affiliate program, participation in which enables partners to earn with us by attracting customers.

For each partner attracted by the client, we pay a commission of 2-7% (the interest rate depends on the number of products sold through your partner link) from the cost of the purchased product (the ordered service). Payments are made using the methods indicated in your personal account, payments are made once a week (weekdays).

To advertise our products (services) on your website or other resource, you can use almost any means and methods. It is forbidden to use only those that contradict the current legislation or cause anyone damage - for example, SPAM through e-mail, clogging forums and chat rooms or other kinds. For the use of such methods of advertising, we remove the partner from the affiliate program forever, and the amount that is on his account is canceled.

For our part, we guarantee the timely and full payment of the funds earned by our partners, their safe transfer, as well as the individual encouragement of the most active partners.

We look forward to a long, fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Rules of the partner program "ASUSHIT.COM"

1. Description

The affiliate program "ASUSHIT.COM" (site "") allows site owners to earn by placing promo materials of the store on their resources.

Participation in the affiliate program is absolutely free.

A two-level reward system - every person who came to our site via your link and decided to become a member of the affiliate program is automatically "assigned" to you and then you will receive a certain percentage of his earnings.

- Commission of the 1st level is 2-7% (Personal sale);

- Commission of the 2nd level is 1-4% (Sale of your partner).

2. Conditions of participation

By registering in the affiliate program (, you receive affiliate links, referral statistics, and order statistics.

The commission is charged for the first partner. This means that the partner reward is accrued to the partner whose ref-link the buyer came to our site for the first time before buying.

It is forbidden to buy goods (service) for themselves on their affiliate link, such payments are canceled, and the partner is deleted.

When registering, the partner automatically accepts (

 3. Payment of commissions

Payment is made at regular intervals, once a week. The minimum payment is $ 20 (US dollars).

4. Conflict situations

All conflict situations, whether fixing a sale for your ref-link or paying commissions, are resolved individually through the support service (

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an e-mail to support (

A legal or capable natural person who has accepted the terms of this Partnership Agreement - an offer (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) and hereinafter referred to as the Partner, have agreed as follows:

1. The Subject of the Agreement

1.1. Under this Agreement, the Partner undertakes to carry out actions to find buyers of information products sold by the online store, and the online store undertakes to pay the Partner a fee for the performance of these activities.

1.2. The Agreement is accepted by the Partner through registration in the Partner Program on the website of the online store (

2. Rights and Obligations of the parties

2.1. Duties of the online store:

2.1.1. the Internet-shop undertakes to pay to the Partner the remuneration stipulated by the present Contract.

2.1.2. The Internet store is obliged to provide the Partner with access to his personal account on his website (, where he can display the statistics of sales of information products sold by the Internet store with the help of the Partner.

2.1.3. The administration of the online store has the right to delete the Partner's account if they do not accept this Agreement.

2.2. Obligations of the Partner:

2.2.1. Partner undertakes any non-contradictory legislation in the UK ways to search for buyers of information products sold by the Internet store and recommend them to purchase information products of the online store through a unique referral link provided to the Partner by the Internet store.

2.2.2. The Partner shall return within 10 (ten) calendar days to the Internet store the remuneration received, if the transaction of the Internet store with third parties involved by the Partner is recognized invalid in accordance with the procedure established by law.

2.2.3. The partner undertakes not to buy the goods on his partner's links. In case of violation of this obligation, the Internet store administration has the right to terminate partnership relations without payment of commissions and the right to renew this Agreement.

3. Amount and procedure of payments

3.1. The value of the Partner's fee is set as a percentage (indicated in the personal cabinet of each partner separately) from all funds received to the online store account as payment for the information products sold with third parties attracted by the Partner.

3.2. Once a week (on weekdays), the online store makes payments to the Partner, set forth in Clause 3.1. of the present Contract for the last quarter, on the basis of statistical data recorded by the online store system. Payment is made for more than $ 20 (USD).

3.3. The Internet store has the right to set another fee for Parter at its own discretion, and also to encourage the Partner in a different way.

3.4. Remuneration to the partner the Internet shop has the right, in agreement with him, to transfer to the chosen method of payment (the choice of the method of payment is provided by the online store).

4. Term, Change and Termination of the Agreement

4.1. The agreement comes into force from the moment of its acceptance and is valid until its subsequent updating, but in any case until the Parties fulfill their obligations.

4.2. This Agreement may be terminated at the initiative of one of the Parties with prior notification of the other Party for 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the expected date of termination of the Agreement.

4.3. Termination of this Agreement can not be grounds for refusing to complete settlements on it.

5. The order of dispute settlement

5.1. The parties will endeavor to resolve disputes and (or) disagreements through negotiations.

5.2. In the event that the Parties fail to reach mutual agreement, all disputes on the implementation of this Agreement shall be transferred unilaterally by the Administration of the Internet store.

6. The circumstances of force majeure

6.1. The parties are exempted from liability for non-fulfillment or improper performance of obligations arising from the Contract, if the cause of failure (improper performance) is force majeure circumstances, which include, among others, natural disasters, fires, man-made accidents and disasters, engineering and communications accidents , riots, military actions, terrorist acts, riots, civil unrest, strikes, normative acts of state authorities and local self-government which prevent the Parties from fulfilling their obligations under the Treaty, that is extraordinary and insurmountable under the circumstances, circumstances that do not depend on the will of the Parties after the signing of the Treaty.

6.2. In the event of force majeure circumstances, the term of performance of obligations under this Agreement shall be extended in proportion to the time during which such circumstances continue to operate without compensation for any losses.

6.3. If the circumstances of force majeure suffered by the Parties last more than 3 (three) consecutive months, the Parties have the right to refuse to perform the obligations under the Agreement on the said basis.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. The Parties undertake not to disclose confidential information under this Agreement to third parties, except in cases provided for by the current UK legislation.

8. Final Provisions

8.1. In all other respects, which are not stipulated by this Agreement, the parties are guided by the current legislation of the United Kingdom.