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Online Store ASUSHIT ™ is by far the most popular electronics store and home appliances.

We can help you choose, we will not give to miss!
Our task is not only to simply sell the right product, but also to inform and educate the buyer. To do this, we remove the overview videos of "hot" new products, preparing articles and news. Armed with comprehensive information about an interesting device and its main competitors, you will be able to make an informed buying decision is the commodity you want.

Such a status we have achieved thanks to the widest possible range, reasonable pricing and excellent service.


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Our site is visited by an average of more than 800 000 unique visitors per day, and this number continues to grow. Not stopping there, we continue to build momentum, striving to become the best in the country portal of electronics and household appliances - a place where you will be able to choose and purchase any equipment - conscious, inexpensive and convenient.

We are trusted

Our main aim and the fundamental principle of the work is the satisfaction of customers - both retail customers and organizations. With some companies we work for over 10 years. When dealing with any questions we are always at your side, because we understand - our future is 100% in your hands. We are proud that among our clients there You:

For convenience, selection

We strive to provide you with as much useful information about products. Website ASUSHIT.COM provided with a simple and effective tool for the selection of products specifications. For example, in the category "Laptops" You can set the sorting on important parameters. We offer 100% compatible related products, accessories and consumables.
We are professional vendors and consultants. In a telephone mode or directly to the store, they are ready to provide you with expert technical advice and answer any questions.

Convenient delivery worldwide.
All items in our store are sold with delivery.
Delivery is carried out within 35 days maximum. We deliver only after payment. In this case, we will send you your order within 5 working days of the day.
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Only certified equipment

All items in our store are accompanied by a guarantee.

.We Value our reputation and therefore does not knowingly sell unofficial or illegal goods. In the end, the purchase of products of dubious origin and gives a headache for the seller and for the buyer