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Description A1466 MacBook Air 13 APPLE Laptop" (MQD32UA/A)

A1466 MacBook Air 13 APPLE Laptop" (MQD32UA/A)

Ergonomics and power, style and functionality of this laptop were always advantageous qualities which made the name MacBook Air.



necessary information in network or to edit photos — these problems can be solved with MacBook Air quickly and without efforts. He owns random access memory on 8 GB. Its 2-core 4-line Intel processor Core i5 of the sixth generation does the device multifunctional. The laptop supports Wi-Fi with new technology 802.11ac. Wearable devices can be connected by means of USB 3.0/3.1 of ports and also via the card reader. By the way, minigek here still is available.

glossy display which diagonal is 13 inches, and permission — 1440 x 900 has

MacBook. At once over the screen placed the built-in camera with the permission in HD 720p (1280x720) which will become the excellent tool during the sessions of video conference with colleagues abroad or friends in other city.


Accumulator of this MacBook - and obsepechivat its work till 12 oclock. And in standby mode can remain at all up to 30 days — it is possible not to close programs, to be away on vacation, and having returned from rest, to continue begun a month ago. The flash drive of this laptop works about 17 times quicker, than traditional hard drives. And thanks to their combination to the powerful MacBook processor leaves the dream mode quicker.


First what it is worth paying attention at the sight of this model of the laptop to, is, of course, its design — thin, easy, stylish, minimalist, but at the same time elegant. One of the most remarkable features of the laptop is its compactness — with it easy to travel, take in a backpack and to walk on the city all day, to write texts in coffee shop, to watch film in the bus. The laptop less than one and a half kilograms weighs. Executed in gray color, it will be ideal for any interior. And aluminum alloy of the case guarantees reliability when transporting.

Characteristic A1466 MacBook Air 13 APPLE Laptop" (MQD32UA/A)

Article: span do not have MQD32UA/A
  • Model range MacBook Air
  • Display (diagonal) 13.3
  • Display (max. permission) 1440 x 900 (WXGA+)
  • Processor (model) Intel Core i5
  • Processor (clock speed - turbo), GHz 1.8 - 2.9
  • Random access memory (volume) 8 GB
  • Video card (integrated) Intel HD Graphics 6000
  • Video card (discrete)
  • Video card (memory size) Is selected from OP
  • Built-in drive, GB 128 (SSD)
  • Preset OS Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra
  • laptop Weight (without memory), kg 1.35
  • Class Workstation
  • Model range MacBook Air
  • Country vendor China
  • Guarantee, month 12
  • Display (diagonal) 13.3
  • Display (max. permission) 1440 x 900 (WXGA+)
  • Display (matrix type) TN+film
  • Display (screen covering) Glossy
  • Display (touch screen) Is not present
  • Processor (vendor) Intel
  • Processor (kernel/generation) Intel Skylake (sixth)
  • Processor (model) Intel Core i5
  • Processor (clock speed - turbo), GHz 1.8 - 2.9
  • Processor (quantity of kernels/flows) 2 kernels / 4 flows
  • Random access memory (type) LPDDR3 - 1600 MHz
  • Random access memory (volume) 8 GB
  • Random access memory (quantity of slots) 0 (it is unsoldered on MT)
  • Video card (integrated) Intel HD Graphics 6000
  • Video card (discrete) Is not present
  • Video card (memory size) Is selected from OP
  • Video card (memory type) is selected from OP
  • VR Support there is no
  • Built-in drive, GB 128 (SSD)
  • SSD Volume 128 GB
  • Built-in drive (it is fast. about. shp. HDD) device without HDD
  • Optical drive device without disk drive
  • Slot for memory cards is
  • Preset OS Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra
  • Wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi) 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Wireless interfaces (WiDi) there is no
  • Wireless interfaces (3G/4G) there Is no
  • Wireless interfaces (Bluetooth/NFC) Bluetooth 4.0
  • Network connection (LAN RJ-45), Mbps there is no
  • Network connection (Dial Up the RJ11 modem), span do not have Kbps
  • Type-A/Type-B/mini USB/micro USB USB 2.0 Port (up to 480Mbps) there is no
  • Gen 1 Type-A/Type-B/micro USB USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 Port (up to 5Gbps) 2 x USB 3.0/3.1 of Gen 1 Type-A
  • Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 USB 3.1 Port there Is no
  • Gen 2 Type-A/Type-B/Type-CTM USB 3.1/3.2 Port (up to 10Gbps) there is no
  • HDMI (mini/micro) Port there Is no
  • Thunderbolt Port 1 x Thunderbolt
  • VGA (D-Sub) Port there Is no
  • COM (RS-232) Port there Is no
  • Port (IEEE 1394) is not present
  • eSATA Port is not present
  • Port (audio ports) combined / garniturny connector (an input the microphone + an output earphones) mini-jack 3.
  • I Will corrode 5 mm (ExpressCard; span do not have PCMCIA)
  • Port DVI there is no
  • Built-in camera HD 720p 1280x720
  • Built-in camera (back) there Is no
  • Built-in camera (in addition) FaceTime APPLE
  • Acoustics (format) 2.0
  • Acoustics (vendor) OEM vendor
  • Multimedia lighting Sensor
  • GPS module there Is no
  • Keyboard (illumination) Is
  • Keyboard (Num the block) does not have
  • Keyboard (moisture-proof) there Is no
  • W/A/S/D gaming key there is no
  • Manipulators Multi-Touch touchpad
  • Keyboard (the Uke-aya a layout) do not have
  • Colour (main) Grey
  • case Material Aluminium alloy / magnesium alloy
  • laptop Weight (without memory), kg 1.35
  • General width of a product (W), mm 325
  • Total length of a product (L), mm 227
  • General height of a product (H), mm 17
  • Accumulator (power capacity), Vtch 54
  • Accumulator (type) Lithium-Polymer, fixed
  • Docking station Is not present
  • Complete set (a bag; backpack; a cover) does not have
  • Complete set (the stylus; mouse; a remote control panel) is not present
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A1466 MacBook Air 13 APPLE laptop" (MQD32UA/A)

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