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  • 3 cans of Latvia sardines in vegetable oil -240g


Manufacturer Ventspils

Country of manufacture Latvia

Type of fish Sardine


Small sea fish, 15–20 cm long, less often up to 25 cm, from the herring family. Sardine is slightly thicker than herring. Her back is bluish-green, her sides and her belly are silver-white. Gill cover with golden tint and furrowed dark stripes diverging from the lower and rear edges of it. Live, this is one of the most beautiful fish: on the back you can see the ebb of several colors of the rainbow. The way of life of the sardine is not well understood: it is only known that in the summer, sardine from the depths of the sea goes to the shores of countries located on the Atlantic coast for a very short time, after which it disappears again. Sardine is easily absorbed by the body and is an excellent source of protein. Sardine contains a large amount of phosphorus, iodine, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, fluorine. Sardine gives the body at least 2 times more calories than white fish. Unlike saturated fats of animal origin, unsaturated fats from fish are considered the most beneficial. According to scientists, it is the omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish that help prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of blood clots in the vessels, and also improve blood flow in the capillaries. Sardines are very useful to expectant mothers.

Reviews 3 cans of Latvia sardines in vegetable oil -240g

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3 cans of Latvia sardines in vegetable oil -240g

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