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  • 1st Choice (Fest Choys) Adult Derma - A dry feed with a salmon for cats with hyper sensitive skin

Adult Derma the dry feed is developed for adult cats by company 1st Choice is issued in granules and is recommended for the use to pets with problem skin inclined to irritations. The compounding of a forage helps to remove inflammatory processes and irritations of skin, to eliminate its dryness, restoring and strengthening a lipidic barrier. The forage is suitable for all cat breeds and especially for long-haired and large breeds (a Maine Coon, the savanna, a sphinx and others) in which is inherent high energy needs.

of of Advantage:

  • the Antiallergeny full-fledged dry feed without grain for adult cats.
  • doesn't have
  • In structure chicken and chicken fat.
  • the Omega-7 supports by
  • a water balance, reduces the naggers, and dryness of skin, fights against inflammations and promotes healing of wounds.
  • Zinc provides to
  • natural protection, reducing irritation and inflammation of skin, enhances gloss of wool, reducing its loss, maintains immunity.
  • the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote improvement of a woolen cover, and reduction of risk of balling of wool in a stomach.
  • Natural prebiotics support by
  • good digestion, balance of intestinal microflora, strengthen immunity.
  • DL methionine supports
  • health of skin of wool and claws, normalizes work of a liver and kidneys.
  • Biotin improves a color, maintains health of skin and claws, splits fatty acids and helps to be acquired to proteins and fats.
  • B4 Vitamin supports by
  • exchange of fats and protects from dehydration.
Ingredients: a fresh meat of a salmon (17.7%), herring flour менхаден (DHA source) (17.7%), peas, salmon flour (7.5%), lentil, vegetable oil, sweet potato, a linen seed, potato protein, dried pulp of a citrus, tapioca, natural fragrance, oil of a salmon (a source the Omega-7), barmy extract (source of prebiotic mannanoligosakharid, MOS), I am well-cared chloride, sodium chloride, DL-methionine, taurine, chicory extract (source of inulin, FOS), extract of a yucca Shidigera, dried seaweed, the dry whey, biotin which is dried up in the sun a lucerne, extract of a green tea, a turmeric, dried ginger, dried mint, dried parsley, dried pineapple.

of of Additive on 1 kg: vitamin A (I retinit acetate) – 18000 ME, D3 vitamin (cholecalciferol) – 1700 ME, vitamin E (alpha tocopherol acetate) – 75 ME, iron (monohydrate of sulfate of iron (II)) – 156 mg, iodine (calcium iodate waterless) – 3.2 mg, copper (chelate of copper (II) hydrate of amino acids) – 6.7 mg, manganese (oxide of manganese (II)) – 10.5 mg, manganese (manganese chelate hydrate of amino acids) – 12 mg, zinc (zinc oxide) – 126 mg, zinc (zinc chelate hydrate of amino acids) – 27 mg, selenium (sodium selenit) – 0.1 mg, taurine – 1000 mg.

of Technological additive: bisulphate of sodium of 4000 mg/kg.

of Analysis of structure: a protein – 34%, fat – 18%, cellulose – 4%, ashes – 9%, humidity – 10%, calcium – 1.4%, phosphorus – 1%, sodium – 0.4%, magnesium – 0.12%, zinc – 0.021%, DHA – 0.43%, EPA – 0.41%, palmitoleinovy acid (Omega-7) – 0.28%.

of Energy value: 3693 kcal/kg.

of Norm of feeding of
Weight of an animal, kg Standard daily rate of a forage, Standard daily rate of a forage, volumetric glasses

1 + years

1 – 2 15 - 30 1/8 – 1/4
2 - 3 30 - 45 1/4 – 3/8
3 – 4 45 - 55 3/8 – 1/2
4 – 5 55 - 60 1/2 - 1/2
5 – 6 60 - 70 1/2 – 1
6 + 70 + 10 / 1 kg 1 + 1/8/2.2 lb
1 glass (250 ml) = 120 g 3693 kcal/kg 443 kcal / a glass
Norma feedings can change depending on age, activity and temperament of your pet.
Avoid overfeeding.
you Watch the weight of your pet.
If needs it, reduce or increase a portion of a forage.
the cat always has to have an access to fresh drinking water.
Store a forage in the dry cool place.

of of Packing: 1.8 kg, 4.5 kg.
Producer: 1st Choice, PLB International inc., Canada.
Age of a cat Adult cat
For whom sterns? For cats
Forage class Super premium
Form of release of a forage Dry feed
Special needs in food Maintenance of health of leather and wool
The main source of proteins in a stern Fish Salmon Herring

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1st Choice (Fest Choys) Adult Derma - A dry feed with a salmon for cats with hyper sensitive skin

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