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  • 10packs x 8pcs =80 tablets DRY FUEL BION IN TABLETS (DRY ALCOHOL)

Dry fuel - fuel, also known in everyday life as "dry alcohol". In fact, dry fuel does not apply to alcohols. Dry fuel consists of urotropine, compressed with a small amount of paraffin. Used as a fuel in tablets. Tablets of pressed dry fuel burn with a colorless flame similar to alcohols, do not spread during combustion, do not smoke and do not leave ash.


• They are usually used to kindle a fire, stoves, warming or cooking in the field by tourists, military and humanitarian organizations.

• Often tablets of dry fuel are included in the army food rations, often in the kit is a metal stand for the size of the fuel pill for ease of use.

• Also, dry fuel tablets are used for labor in laboratories, as fuel for miniature models of steam engines.

Tablets dry fuel - a simple, light, compact, powerful source of heat. At observance of conditions of storage have the unlimited period of validity. Due to the fact that the power of the flame is difficult to control, it is more often used for warming up than for cooking food. The flame from the burning of dry fuel is sensitive to wind, so a simple screen may be necessary. The specific calorific value of dry fuel is about 31,300 MJ / kg.


Mode of application:

Put a dry fuel pellet on the fireproof stand and set it on, if necessary, add new tablets.


Store in covered rooms with a relative humidity of not more than 75% in a place inaccessible to children. Keep away from fire.

Shelf-life Unlimited. The use is allowed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Manufacturer: "BION" LTD TOV

Number per package: 8 pcs.

Packing size: 114x60x15 mm

Diameter and thickness of the tablet: 28,2х10,2 mm

Weight: 6 g; packing - 62 g

Made in Ukraine. The products are protected by the Ukrainian patent No. 25198.

Reviews 10packs x 8pcs =80 tablets DRY FUEL BION IN TABLETS (DRY ALCOHOL)

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10packs x 8pcs =80 tablets DRY FUEL BION IN TABLETS (DRY ALCOHOL)

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